Dividers and their use

Dividers are foam sheets of thickness 3mm-10mm and density of 14 kg/m3 and more. Usually, they are used to protect delicate materials exposed to abrasion, strikes or shocks. This form of protection is particularly useful for packing e.g. glass, porcelain, cosmetics, chromium-plated, painted or varnished products, as well as leather accessories and shoes. The most popular foam used for this purpose are N1418 offered in white colour and delicate T23130 manufactured in a wide range of colours.


  • automotive, metal
  • ceramic, glass
  • leather, footwear
  • chemical, cosmetic

Types of fillings

Both smooth and profiled foams are used as package fillings. The profile foam is used to protect objects of irregular shape. This form of packaging is encountered in theatre equipment boxes or tool cases. Thanks to its flexibility, the foam is exceptionally easy to apply in containers or cardboard boxes. Foams of various density and stiffness are used as filling. The foam most popular for this purpose is T23130 of density 23 kg/m3. Also N1828 Padiflex MD5 and the white stiff N2790 are often used in this branch.