Types of packaging foams for ESD

The Eurofoam’s offer includes two types of foam used for protecting electrical and electronic materials and devices. Soft RECSTAT 26 foam is manufactured in orange while hard RECSTAT T27H foam is manufactured in dark grey colour. Thanks to reduced electrical resistivity, the foams do not accumulate electric charges up to a high potential but allow them to disperse. Both foams meet the requirements for an electric charge dispersion material according to PN-EN 61340-5-1:2009, Part 5-1: “Protection of Electronic Devices From Electrostatic Phenomena. General Requirements”. These types of foam are available in form of smooth or profiled boards, as well as dividers or shapes.


  • electrical and electronic components
  • materials exposed to
    electric charges


Verified properties of ESD foam guarantee excellent protection in transportation and storage of materials exposed to electric charges.